Best Online Casino Bonus Canada 2023

Bet nothing incentivizes your gambling at an online casino more than a bonus. You can analyse thousands of platforms, from various locations, and will not find a single website that has no perks for its gamblers. It is only natural that such gifts exist. Would you still play Book of Ra or Gonzo’s Quest, if your gambling destination did not stimulate you with an extensive range of gifts? Strongly doubt. Follow for details about bonus offers on casino websites in Canada.

What is Casino Bonus?

Online casino bonuses are an efficient marketing tool that brings in new players. The level and reputation of a site determine the quantity and quality of benefits: the more reputable platform, the more favourable rewards. To find a high-quality website, you can research yourself, or turn to a professional reviewer agency that dedicates plenty of time and resources in search of valuable environment.

Online Casino Sites With The Best Bonuses 2023

Want to know where to see the best bonuses on Canadian online casino sites? Join in! All the websites in the list were manually examined and analysed by professionals, who above the aspects, like reputation, licence, and security, take into consideration developers, technical support, interface, and payment forms.

N1 Casino

This domain is rightly called one of the most authoritative websites for Canadian gamblers. It is a big player in the industry that will give you all the means for a pleasant pastime:

In addition, N1 Casino always improves the quality of their service, starting fascinating tournaments, inviting new game providers, and bolstering the security level.


Here, you will be astounded by the spectrum of open perks: welcome and deposit bonuses, daily reloads, VIP programs, mystery drops, championships and tournaments. Above all, Slothunter has:

In the user-friendly environment of Slothunter, you can play the most fascinating game, plus boost this experience with the best casino bonus.

888 Casino

One of the oldest Internet casino sites, 888 Casino is an honest platform with rich history and perks. Neat and comprehensive interface make navigation simple and gambling joyful. Besides, there are:

The experience from this casino differs from any other gambling platform, yet not any less exciting. If you wish to try something new, 888 Casino is the right place, with their bonus jackpots and more.


Another great destination for Canadian gamblers is JooCasino. Here you find awesome games and lucrative benefits. To its players, this licensed online casino also features:

When you look at the JooCasino home page, you can tell that this domain can bring you cheerful experience and epic pastime, along with juicy prizes.


If you cannot stand flamboyant casinos, Casumo is here. The interface is pure, with all necessary information clearly stated. Alternatively, you will come upon:

Fairly few casinos support table games, including lives, that return a percentage to wagering. Nonetheless, video and table entertainment in Casumo has a return-to-player of 10%.


German quality for Canadian gamblers from DasIstCasino. Bonus options here are luxurious and truly motivating. While perks make an engaging factor, here is what you also get:

DasIstCasino is a true bonus casino: you set off on a journey around Germany, replete with treasures and joy. DasIstCasino is a mecca for slot machines, so try them out


For fans of slot amusements, SpinGenie is the answer. Even though on its website players can gamble table games too, it is slots that bring SpinGenie success. What else do you get?

Pretty young for a Canadian gambling market, launched in 2022, SpinGenie operates on the European market since 2014 and has many awards in stock.

Understanding Best Casino Bonus Canada

Before activating a bonus, it is crucial to know how much to deposit, when to expect a prize, what conditions apply, etc. Online casinos always write bonus details in a separate section so that you could always get your hands on the rules. For you, we have compiled the answers to the most intricate questions.

What does a ‘bonus up to $100’ mean?

Combined with percentage, it is indicated in a title. It states the maximum sum you may get. For instance, 100% up to $300 says you can double up your deposit. If you go with a minimum required amount, say $20, you top up another $20. Or $300 bonus on top if your deposit to this online casino is $300.

When to expect a bonus?

A fresh deposit reward jumps into your pocket on completing all the initial stages: signing up, verification, depositing. Free spins, after all, can appear next day and be accrued daily. This frequency is specified in bonus instructions, so are the features of other online casino bonuses.

What are bonus terms and conditions?

It is a special section in an online casino that expands on bonus prerequisites. There you learn about minimal deposits, their limits, available games, duration periods, roll over demands, country restrictions, and other supporting data.

How to maximize a bonus?

Since players cannot add together several gifts, they can only pick the heftiest perk. Yet, larger rewards are accompanied by stricter rules and greater roll over claims. So, consider this aspect if you intend to retrieve your bonus.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Should you think that bonus offers start with deposit perks and end with casino chargeless spins, this guide is right for you. A bonus offer is a marketing hook that allows drawing in more players, no doubt. However, getting the opportunity to enrich your pocket, you win. Keep on reading to know about perks for Canadian gamblers.

Welcome casino bonus

The principal gift gambling providers attribute special attention to is welcome benefits because most gamblers pick a casino with reference to this very parameter, plus its amount. Generally, a welcome suite is composed of a money reward, up to 300% of your deposit, and free spins, from 20 to 200.

After signing up and making a deposit, the welcome bonus becomes your first casino gift. You may be lucky enough as to strike a package that includes up to 4 deposit benefits.

Deposit casino bonus

Strictly speaking, nine times out of ten, you obtain this bonus as a casino welcome for making the first deposit. Further, your gambling website will distribute this money gift matter-of-factly, daily or weekly, at limited events or tournaments, only in a slightly modified form.

A deposit bonus is always accompanied by casino requirements, as to its receiving and withdrawing. To start, replenish your account with a minimum demanded sum. The next thing, fetch your prize and gamble it in unrestricted games. Then, fulfil the wagering requirement and roll over your bonus to withdraw it.

No-deposit casino bonus

With this perk, you will be able to gain more cash without preliminary payments. Yet, often you are expected to accumulate enough payments to make an eligible gambler. What is more, wagering prerequisites remain a must for retrieval.

No-wagering casino bonus

It is a deposit variant of benefits and one of the rarest online casino bonuses that circulates only on special occasions. To gather it, you need to invest real money. Meanwhile, there is no need to roll it over, meaning you can harvest the gift right after receiving it.

Free spins

It is a bonus that, along with deposit ones, make the basis of any casino reward system. They are additional spins for slot entertainment. Casinos sometimes introduce this benefit coupled with cash benefits, as encouragement in slots, as a promo for a new game, and as a gift, for your birthday, platform anniversary, or loyalty promotion.

Important comment! Scrutinize the rules. Before utilizing chargeless spins, you replenish your account. On numerous occasions, the bonus comes next day, at 00.00 UTC, and lasts up to a day. Besides, research roll over criteria and what games fall under this reward program.

No deposit free spins

It resembles the above bonus, yet a casino distributes it for free. Depositless free spins are usually a reward for newcomers or for signing up on a new platform. Even though you make no deposit to collect this gift, once you intend to retrieve it, you must roll it over.

Reload casino bonus

This bonus largely resembles a casino deposit perk. Technically, they are the same. Yet, the difference lies in the stage when you can be entitled to each. Deposits are mostly about a welcome benefit, something you attain at the beginning of your gambling adventure at a casino. Reloads, on the flip side, are spread as a regular incentive for your dedication to this gambling environment.

Reloads modifications are ocean, for example, they can be issued daily, after depositing enough times, when utilizing a specific depositing mechanism, etc. The amount in most cases makes a percentage from your deposit. It can be a match bonus, too, meaning, you beat out a perk equal to your deposit. Once again, a wagering constraint for withdrawal.

Loyalty casino bonus

This bonus offers you regular free casino gifts just because you gamble online on their website. How it works? On registration, you automatically join a loyalty program. Gambling for real cash, you earn points that are subsequently summarized. When you collect enough, you qualify for prizes: extra spins, free bets, and money rewards.

VIP casino bonus

For super dedicated players that have a hefty history of deposits, wagering, and withdrawals, casinos offer to join a VIP league. The membership grants you access to luxurious and tempting benefits. Here come personal casino bonus codes, cashbacks, lower wagering demands, your own manager, event tickets, trips, and many more sumptuous surprises.

Mobile casino bonus

As more platforms adopt mobile devices, they offer unique incentives, in quest of players. Normally, it is not enough to simply install the app and register there. Most commonly, gamblers need to enter codes when they make their first deposits. This aside, it is quite a deal: apart from all the perks to get one extra.

Live casino bonus

Another exotic reward. Live tournaments and championships with real-time dealers are tied to table games. Their variety is striking, which is the opposite with perks for them: table games hardly ever have any encouragement, only bonuses for matches, that extend from chargeless spins to devices and cars.

Referral casino bonus

To motivate your gambling and let you gamble with friends, many casinos incentivize you to spread a word about their platform and invite a friend. For engaging a new player, a casino grants you a reload bonus or several spins, accrued after your friend has made a minimal payment. Furthermore, read through other conditions, as this benefit is usually accompanied by wagering terms.

Other online casino bonuses

Even though we have covered quite a few perks and cases to collect them, some of them have slipped away. There are offers like cashbacks, casino specific perks, seasonal incentives, tournament prizes, and more. To know about all of them, just need to gamble and claim them.

Terms & Conditions of Online Casino Bonus

Off to the chief part: what an online casino wants in return of the best bonus. Canadian gamblers can enjoy tons of perks. Still, be aware of red lines to stay satisfied with gambling.

Bet size restrictions. Some gambling sites impose minimal and maximal limits as to the size of bet made during a pending bonus. In this case, it is impossible to bet the whole bonus within one round with a large sum.

Game restrictions. On gambling services, you will find the list of casino games restricted for any bonus. Even more so, particular bonuses have their own restrictions. As a matter of practice, perks are available in given games.

Time restrictions. When receiving a bonus, a gambler must take into account that this bonus is limited. During this time, they need to play the gift and wager it enough for withdrawal. A money bonus often lasts up to 2 weeks, casino free spins — 24 hours.

If you do not stick to the time limit, the money earned with your bonus will burn. To prevent this, before you get a bonus, think about the size of wager and other conditions. On to discover wagering specifics.

How to Calculate Wager?

Betting, game, and time limits are easy to comprehend; however, wagering terms may cause concerns, especially among beginners. Wagering is a certain number of bets a gambler must make to withdraw bonus winnings. Platforms demand wagering to exclude significant losses and retain a player.

The wager is always a coefficient, for example, x20, x50. To calculate the sum to invest, multiply a wagering coefficient by the amount of the received bonus. The lower this rate, the more profit you get. If the bonus is 100%, this doubles the total amount of bets. On some casino sites, wagering applies not only to bonus money, but to the main deposit too.

When wagering a reward, do not forger about return-to-player (RTP) factors. They determinate the amount of a bet that returns after playing a certain game. In other words, if RTP is 100%, a whole bet adds to the wagering demand. The highest RTP is in slots — 100%. In table games it rarely goes beyond 5%. Live games, as a rule, do not contribute to wagering at all, 0%.


Which Canadian casino has the best bonus?

You can find lucrative bonuses in any casino. The key factor is your preference, whether you are a fan of free spins, reloads or no-deposits. Additionally, how well you have read up terms matters. When you familiarize yourself with them in full, you eliminate further ambiguity, thus advance your gambling.

What is the most popular type of casino bonus?

The most spread is a deposit bonus. Due to the welcome rewards casinos share en masse, this perk leads. Another frequent gift is free spins. Casinos commonly distribute this benefit together with deposits, which results in high popularity of both.

Can I earn money with a casino bonus?

It is possible, though, you must follow all the instructions a casino enumerates in the bonus terms and conditions: sufficient deposit, wagering requirements, time limit, etc. Moreover, your prize heavily relies on the games you play. Primarily, the biggest return comes from slots, whose result is very random.

Can I withdraw my new casino bonus?

On most websites, you will not find a bonus to withdraw without meeting casino rules first. Nevertheless, some sites introduce no-wagering rewards as a birthday gift, at a casino event, or in a loyalty program. Remember that almost every perk has a time limit and roll over prerequisite.

How many bonuses can I use at an online casino?

Casinos usually state it in bonus rules. As a general practice, you can enable one gift at a time. If you start a welcome package that usually contains chargeless spins and deposit gifts, they both render active as two pieces of one perk.

How to use a bonus code at a casino?

First, you sign up and become entitled to all casino rewards, as well as bonus codes. Normally, they stand for deposit perks, which means you should enter a code when depositing. Sometimes, you need to fill in a bonus code only after replenishing your account.