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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Onlinercasino.ca site. This current web page contains Onlinercasino.ca Terms & Conditions. Also, the current page describes the rights, responsibilities and obligations every user has on the current site. Using the services and content presented on Onlinercasino.ca and remaining on the website, users agree with Onlinercasino’s Terms & Conditions and accept all the rules.


Before the start of using our site, please devote some time to familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy and get acquainted with all terms and conditions presented below. If users disagree with any of the mentioned points listed below, we highly suggest abandoning usage of the onlinercasino.ca along with its services and all proposed content.


Onlinercasino Website Usage


All information content published on the Onlinercasino.ca, beginning with guides, polls, industry news, reviews, articles, professional tips, contests and other pieces of content, is provided at our discretion. Every part of the content can be updated, deleted or upgraded unannounced and anywhen.


All the materials placed on onlinercasino.ca are meant to be used by a mature audience. This site has an age cut-off. That means it is only available for users who have attained 19 years and older. Those who didn’t reach legal age yet are forbidden to browse the content presented on this site or use any of the available services.


Every piece of content presented on onlinercasino.ca, including articles, logos, graphs, statistics, pieces of media, photos, images and other intellectual property available on the site, belongs to the site and the operator Onlinercasino unless otherwise specified.


Onlinercasino Services & Content


The website offers different types of information about online gaming platforms, casino games, online casinos, online games, casinos and other parts and details of the gambling industry.


All the services provided by Onlinercasino are available for free. Every piece of content placed on the website is meant to provide educational and theme-based information to interested users.


The operating company does not own any online casino or poker room, in part or in full. Onlinercasino.ca doesn’t accept any real money bets, fees or money rewards from users in no shape or form.


All content placed on the website is aligned with all industry regulations and also meets our Terms and Conditions.


The nature of the content on the website is informative. It is provided by industry experts for information only.


Onlinercasino content doesn’t require any paid subscription to access – it is available for free.


Intellectual Property Rights


By using the onlinercasino.ca website, users agree to Terms & Conditions.


Onlinercasino owns all site content, including animations, software, text, pictures, written materials, artwork, information, graphics, audio, media files, music, images, forms, videos and any other form of intellectual property available on the onlinercasino.ca website.


Content on onlinercasino.ca is fully protected by copyright law. That makes any use of any piece of Onlinercasino’s materials illegal. Please, distribute or use pieces from the website only with Onlinercasino’s approval. By using this site, you accept  Onlinercasino Terms & Conditions. Removing or altering copyright notices or other proprietary notices is forbidden.


Third-party Materials


Onlinercasino website may include some hyperlinks that lead to other sites on the Internet, articles, products, services, or pieces of content operated by some other entities. Such links are used as additional references to the mentioned topics.


Following those hyperlinks, users agree that Onlinercasino doesn’t take responsibility for the content users can find following the hyperlinks.


Usage of a hyperlink is not a confirmation of the Company’s general acceptance of the third-party content.


Disclaimer of Warranties


Using this website means that users completely understand and agree with the statements set forth below.

Usage of the website, its services and content are done at your own risk and discretion. 


Onlinercasino.ca doesn’t offer any warranties or guarantees that:


  • Content on onlinercasino.ca achieves any users’ anticipations and expectations;
  • Services of Onlinercasino are  available error-free, continuously, timely, uninterrupted, and securely;
  • Content or services will always be completely accurate or reliable;
  • The quality of the content, materials, products, information, visual goods, services, or any other services transmitted via onlincercasino.ca will live up to users’ expectations.


Nothing featured on the onlinercasino.ca website presents a warranty or guarantee.


Limitation of Liability


Onlinercasino doesn’t incur liability and never will be responsible for any and all damages that may occur directly, incidentally, consequentially, indirectly, or in other special conditions. This statement includes possible damages which may occur from the loss of data, goodwill, profits or any other intangible elements.


Onlinercasino and its all current and future affiliates are not liable for the modification, discontinuance or suspension of service supply.


The current website assumes no responsibility for any type of content available on any Third Party sites that can be presented via hyperlinks.


Modifications of Onlinercasino


Onlinercasino.ca reserves the right to delete, correct, change or update any materials on the onlinercasino.ca site, temporarily or permanently, without previous notice of users at all hours. Services, as well as content, are also a changeable subject anywhen.