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Poker is a card game in which players bet on which hand is best. It was invented in a period of the early 19th century and became extremely popular in the world since those times. A lot of configurations of the game were developed from the time of invention. Several Poker games use a standard deck, but sometimes it varies. Also, Poker games have differences in the number of dealt face up or face down cards, the number of cards in play and the number shared by all players. But all of them have rules that involve one or more rounds of betting.

Online Poker in Canada

Lots of poker games available on the Web are difficult to find in landed casinos. It is the first and the greatest benefit of online poker. Firstly it should be mentioned that poker games differ in betting forms there is a no-limit variation, fixed limit and pot-limit poker. The most popular versions of online poker in Canada you can find on the best online poker sites are Texas Hold’em, also called Cadillac Poker, Omaha Holdem and Seven Card Stud.

Differences of Poker Websites

Poker is one of the games where you don’t necessarily want to compete non-stop. Most players prefer to enjoy the game with some fellas, which just like gambling. Some people choose the comfort and possibility to play poker games from any place they want, but they also prefer to save the sense of presence. Luckily, the variety of poker games meets the needs of all gamers. It is easy to find an online version of poker to any taste, from video poker and live dealer games to real money and free. Canadian gamblers can find poker gamers by preference at N1casino, Joocasino, LadyHammer casino, SlotHunter casino and DasistCasino websites.

So, if you are going to play poker online for the first time or want to enjoy a safe game without competition and loss of money – free gambling is for you. But if you are ready to try your luck – real money games are your choice. Use our comparison table to find out your way in gambling.

Real Money Poker
Poker for Free
Chance to win real cash
Great practice for newbies
Possibility to use benefits of bonuses
No chance of real money loss
Exciting atmosphere
The best way to train different tactics
The best way to boost your skills
Casual and relaxing atmosphere
Earning loyalty program perks
Risk-free learning of different poker variations

Criteria for Choosing a Website to Play Poker in Canada Online

Choosing a place with poker games in the Canadian online sector can be a rather tough proposition. The best online gambling poker websites can just be lost in the limitless selection of gambling platforms. If you’ve never played internet poker, then it could be hard for you to identify the best Canadian online poker sites. There are thousands of online poker sites in Canada that are ready to take your money, but you should know which of them are trustworthy and provide you first-class gaming experience.

So, what makes one poker room different from the rest on the same website and what  should every player be looking for in poker websites in Canada?


Nowadays, software providers make most of their products cross-platform. That means that their software is available on all types of devices, from smartphones to laptops and PC. And software providers also make their products friendly to all kinds of platforms, from iOS and macOS to Windows and Android. Also, the best games are available in a browser, without any downloads of apps. So, it is obvious that top-of-the-line games are cross-platform and in-browser.

Licensed Websites

The best poker sites are licensed sites. Be careful – read different poker site professional reviews. Also, remember to check each poker website before you choose where to play. A safe place to play will be that one that has a valid online gambling license. Each best online poker site should be licensed by a leading gambling jurisdiction.

Game Selection

The best online gaming poker cross-platform sites must offer a wide selection of game variants such as Five-Card Draw, Omaha, Three Card, or Mississippi Stud. Onlinercasino provides reviews only of the best poker sites you can find on the Web. Follow us, and you’ll be able to always find something new, test your skills, boost your rankings or get a bonus up.

Bonuses and Promotions

The best online Canadian poker gambling sites always provide a decent incentive for newbies and ongoing gamers. Casinos reviewed by Onlinercasino offer such great welcome bonuses that not even top poker gaming sites are so generous with visitors. Enormous welcome bonuses are the reason for the happiness and great loyalty of our players. A great line makes our customers happy, but not so much as a list of bonuses in poker games they can find reading our reviews.

Free Gaming

Free gaming is a great opportunity to learn how to play poker or to test some new tactics. Free games are a great way to get a good feel for a new platform that you have never tried before. Playing for free, you can boost your skills and find the best to your choice poker site. Also, online free poker playing rooms help you to save your funds!


Security is one of the most important factors for poker players they are looking for in every casino review. If you want to play poker on the Web, it is okay to worry about confidence.  Every best online safe poker gambling site reviewed by Onlinercasino was carefully tested for its security service quality.

Banking Options

Being able to deposit and cash as fast as they need in many ways and multiple currencies is very important for gamblers. Onlinercasino reviews only casinos with a great variety of different deposit and withdrawal options, from credit and debit cards to web wallets and crypto-wallets.

Customer Service

If you play different poker variations online a lot, sometimes different questions become. For this purpose, casinos provide customer service. It should be competent and easy to approach through multiple channels like email or live chat, or phone calls. Problems should be resolved quickly, and Onlinercasino always tests customer service and write about it.

Canadian Poker Law

Canadian law doesn’t explicitly disallow or allow online gambling. It means that online gambling is considered by many as a grey market. And when it comes to poker, the reality is that Canadian players have free access to international sites.

All domestic websites in Canada which serve Canadian customers do it from servers located abroad. So, whatever website Canadian players choose for poker, they are in no way committing any crime.

Provincial Poker Websites

Before you start your first hand on any Canadian website, you should know some facts about the laws that govern the scene of poker on the Web in Canada. A few years ago, poker websites started accepting players from Canada. It led to changes in some gambling laws in Canada in the country. The current laws in Canada favour gambling websites operated by provincial governments. But this is mostly true for lotteries. If we are talking about poker on the Web, the only laws that apply to this game are those for the offline version of it.

Poker in Canada and Taxes

According to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), if the main source of income is earned by Canadian players from poker and from playing it for a specified number of hours (and over) every week, they are indeed liable to pay taxes.


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